Art therapy

How does it work?

Art therapy can promote growth and healing beyond traditional talking therapies.

Each session you will be welcomed into the space and given an opportunity to share an intention or concern, then invited to choose materials to express any thoughts or feelings.

Using the art materials to explore emotions and feelings can guide you into the subconscious parts of the brain supported by the qualified therapist.

The Therapist will not interpret your art, but will guide you to discover the hidden meanings in your artwork. 

The last part of the session the therapist with discuss the art work within a counselling context to help clarify your intention or concern.

Following my philosophy, Jalling the Drom, I will walk the road less travelled with you. Both physically and metaphorically. Using the innate healing properties of bushwalking and art making I will guide you through the dark times toward confidence and growth. 

Bushwalking counselling

Movement and sunshine can change our mood and help our brains to heal from grief and trauma. Taking counselling out of the clinic and into the wild, jalling the drom, can shift our stuckness in ways sitting in a room cannot.

Walks will be chosen based on fitness and ability and tracks being open and can include optional nature art making, or be talking therapy, you can decide if you prefer to find a peaceful location to sit and talk instead of walking. (pick up and drop off by request).

Suggested locations:

  • Charles Darwin Walk- Wentworth Falls
  • Lawson waterfall circuit – (dog friendly)- 2 hours
  • Grand Canyon – blackheath 2-3hours
  • Furbur steps/national pass- katoomba falls 1-3hours
  • Pool of siloam – leura 1 hour
  • Lockleys pylon- 3 hours

$110 an hour, or $300 for 3 hours

Can be used during Covid restrictions.

Art therapy – home visit

In the first session we will get to know your inner landscape without details, introducing the process of art therapy and set a plan for frequency of sessions. As we move into your landscape, your subconscious, we use art materials to explore and build opportunities for change and growth.

$150 for 1.5hrs and includes art materials (Hazelbrook-Mount Victoria)

can be adapted to video calls or phone counselling during stricter Covid restriction.

Phone Counselling

During Covid restictions or as a preferred option, telephone or video counselling is a way to navigate tricky times. Art therapy can by adapted to be via phone or video call too- if you have some art materials handy.

use counselling for motivational mentoring to acheive a goal, or for some extra support to understand and overcome relationship, work, or life problem.

$90 ph by appointment, and is not a crisis services.

personalised group sessions

This session is for groups for peer-based art therapy with a mutual purpose, from serious issues like self-harm to lighter topics like workplace bonding. To book your group or register your interest for the next intake, please email me.

8- week sessions (3 hourly) $400 per person (or $50 per week) – or a negotiation with an organisation for group. 

contact Amy to organise a personalised day or weekend program for your workplace, group, school, or friends. 

Amy encourages folks into sessions for positive intention, such as a couple or family to envisage your wedding, baby or for a bonding experience.

These sessions can be catered at extra cost, to create a full emersive and self care experience.


Do I need to be an artist?
No art experience is necessary, the art materials are used to aid expression of feeling and thoughts and it is not intended to produce art for display or be an art lesson.

Will there be counselling?
Yes, the art making is a tool to unlock unconscious thoughts, and the process is discussed and explored in a safe and supported space, with a qualified therapist using narrative and CBT approach.

Cancellation policy
less than 2 days 60%, less than one day 100% fee. More than two days option to reschedule or cancel (applies to both private and NDIS).

"Gnothi Seauton"

Or ‘know thyself’ inscribed on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, the place the infamous Oracle lived that ancient Greeks would travel to for advice.