Art therapy

How does it work?

Art therapy can promote growth and healing beyond traditional talking therapies.

Each session you will be welcomed into the space and given an opportunity to share an intention or concern, then invited to choose materials to express any thoughts or feelings.

Using the art materials to explore emotions and feelings can guide you into the subconscious parts of the brain supported by the qualified therapist.

The Therapist will not interpret your art, but will guide you to discover the hidden meanings in your artwork. 

The last part of the session the therapist with discuss the art work within a counselling context to help clarify your intention or concern.

Following my philosophy, Jalling the Drom, I will walk the road less travelled with you. Both physically and metaphorically. Using the innate healing properties of bushwalking and art making I will guide you through the dark times toward confidence and growth. 

individual art therapy sessions



Katoomba Neurodiversity Hub is located in easy walking distance from Katoomba train station at 1 Cascade St. 


Lower Mountains Health and Healing is located in the Brooklands Village shopping centre in Blaxland.


enquire about family and couples sessions.


Do I need to be an artist?
No art experience is necessary, the art materials are used to aid expression of feeling and thoughts and it is not intended to produce art for display or be an art lesson.

Will there be counselling?
Yes, the art making is a tool to unlock unconscious thoughts, and the process is discussed and explored in a safe and supported space, with a qualified therapist using narrative and CBT approach.

Cancellation policy
less than 2 days 60%, less than one day 100% fee. More than two days option to reschedule or cancel (applies to both private and NDIS).

"Gnothi Seauton"

Or ‘know thyself’ inscribed on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, the place the infamous Oracle lived that ancient Greeks would travel to for advice.